Darren Fisher Studios

Artist Craftsman


Darren Fisher is a Keyport, NJ artist whose works in metal, wood and earth include jewelry, furniture, decorative arts and indoor/outdoor installations.
Fluent in the translation of raw to refined, this multidisciplinary artist was first fascinated by the process of deconstruction/reconstruction as a four-year-old flashlight tender for his DIY father in the family driveway. Further early age forays into the world of how things are assembled or dissembled, and a honing of spatial awareness, were provided by hours of youthful tinkering with the ubiquitous Lego.
With the free time of his high school years devoted to continuing restoration of a classic Chevy pickup, he began his advanced education, majoring in Environmental Science at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. As a freshman lark, he enrolled in a Fine Art Metals class. This first exposure to the art world triggered an exciting awakening of latent creativity, and after an instructor’s invitation to the advanced class, he added Studio Art to his curriculum as a minor.
After citations for Outstanding Achievement in Fine Art Metals two years running and upon graduation from Millersville in 2001, Darren was quickly accepted as a Resident Artist and Metalsmith at the prestigious Arrowmont School of Art and Craft in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Subsequent situations have included Blacksmith for Fine Architectural Metalsmiths in Florida, NY and Jewelry Studio Supervisor at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA.
Darren is the Manager of the Sculpture, Jewelry, and 3-D Studios at New Jersey City University, Jersey City NJ, where he received his MFA in sculpture in 2014. He is now an adjunct professor currently teaching Sculpture I.
Darren freely shares his skills, knowledge and unique artistic insight through workshops, symposiums and seminars at creative gatherings hosted by institutions such as the Peters School of Art and Craft in Layton NY, Hudson River Ironworks in Buchannan, NY and the Center for Metal Arts in Florida NY. Among the wide array of topics he has taught are forging Non-Ferrous Metals, Mold Making and Casting for Architecture, Fold Forming Copper and Soldering for Jewelers and Smiths.
Darren’s works have been displayed in numerous shows, exhibitions and galleries including Mining Vernacular: Earth. Work. Edifice., MFA Exhibition, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ, INSITE: The Intersection of Art and Architecture, South Orange, NJ, AIR 20th Anniversary Show, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg TN, the CAA Regional MFA Juried Exhibition, Bethel University, New York, NY and the Red Door Gallery, Ludington, MI.